Ведьма без метлы
People have forgotten how to use their minds. People have forgotten how to be honest. Well, ok. Not people but the government. The elections 2011 became critical time for our state. May be I'm wrong, I don't know exactly. I wish this elections would change people's opinions. The perception of modern life was deformed by rules and stereotypes, which are dictated by fashion. The government have made an illusory alternative to ways of state's development. The so-called opposition is nothing more than an old puppet, which strings belong to SOMEBODY (fuck yeah)... Politics do a snow-job on us. Bullshit. Just mind-fuck. Enough. The explosion of sitizens' negativ have shown us this critical point. Few russians will be able to abide the policy. But if we haven't got an alternative, what have we? No future. This country has no future. There's no comparison between our past & our present. In my childhood I believed I had been living in a great state with magnifficent history. In the country, which beared all the accruded troubles. May be I was wrong, I don't know exactly. I'm still hoping, but it's an illusion either. I just try to derive consolation from the thought that this critical point will suffer our country from some bigger trouble. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. These words are addressed to our government.
It is RUSSIA. Not a cesspool.
Looking at the electioneering I can tell you: the deeper into the wood you go, the more timber seems to grow.

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